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Your baby is growing and so are you! This incredible oil blend of calendula and marshmallow root are your skin's hydration ally during this period of stretch + GROWTH. This oil is designed to deeply penetrate the skin and work with your body's natural oil to keep your belly smooth and moisturized. It doesn't leave a greasy feeling which means you can put on clothes directly after use! This provides long lasting hydration until you shower off. 


Ever so gently, rub this oil onto your growing belly and whisper sweet things to the baby growing inside. Make sure to rub this oil onto your hips and breasts as well, since they are growing, too! 


*Calendula and *Marshmallow Root infused in *Grapeseed + *Sweet Almond Oil, *Sea Buckthorn Oil, *Vitamin E Oil, VERY DILUTED Essential Oil of Sweet Orange