Moon Cycle Tincture

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Moon Cycle Tincture

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A wondrous tincture for sure! After studying women’s health for years, I learned that periods are not supposed to be painful. If you have painful cramps, your body is trying to tell you something! A lot of the time cramps are due to lack of blood flow to the uterus or are the result of being vitamin deficient. Whatever the case may be, Moon Cycle Tincture is your friend. She promotes healthy blood circulation, provides numerous essential vitamins + minerals, regulates blood flow and soothes PMS symptoms. 

Comes to you in a 1oz glass dropper bottle. 

For Use:

If you chart your cycle regularly, begin taking this tincture 2-3 days before your cycle. Take it every single day of your sacred bleed. Take a dropper full under tongue up to two (or three) times a day. 


Cramp Bark, Black Cohosh Root, Vitex Berry (or Chasteberry), Raspberry Leaf, Dong Gui + Motherwort infused in Vodka