Bengkung Belly Binding


Bengkung Belly Binding was invented by the people of Java thousands of years ago and is regularly practiced today in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. Belly binding has lots of postpartum benefits including preventing diastis recti, improves posture while breastfeeding, sitting or doing other household chores, stabilizes loose ligaments along with closing the ribs and hips, keeps the body warm while it's in a cold state and speeds up the process of releasing retained water, fat and air.

After a vaginal birth, it's important to begin binding 24 hours-4 days after birth and then worn for 10-12 hours a day for the next six+ weeks. After a cesarean birth, it's important to begin binding 5-6 days after birth and then for a minimum of the next 40 days. 

This bind is an incredible support system for the pelvic floor after giving birth. It gently hugs the hips and stabilizes the body while supporting vital organs! It is not painful in the least and gives you a beautiful sense of complete relaxation and support after birthing your baby. 

This package gives you a one hour private consultation on the how to's of wrapping along with the do's and don'ts. I will personally guide you in how to properly wrap and after our consultation you will feel encouraged and excited to receive this simple but profound support after giving birth! I recommend pregnant mothers take this so you can begin on your own right away after birthing, but it's also a beautiful tool for newly postpartum mothers. 

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