Preparing for Postpartum

When you find out you're pregnant, you usually immediately start planning for your pregnancy and birth- prenatal yoga, midwife appointments, baby showers, birth plans and more. But what about postpartum planning? What about meal trains and visitors and self care? This is where I come in.

The postpartum period is the most sacred of all and going into it blindly can lead to exhaustion, depression and loss of what to do. I am excited to offer you a one hour consultation on everything postpartum. Together we will talk about what your dream postpartum period looks like and how to make that happen! We will discuss nutrition, visitors, rest, breastfeeding and more. I am excited to come along side of you and help you plan so that you can feel empowered, in control and rested during this tender time.

I will take notes throughout our consultation and send them to you afterwards so you can print them out and share it with family and friends. 

This consultation is for one hour and you will receive Ayurvedic postpartum education, a meal plan/recipes, breastfeeding tips, a general idea of what your postpartum time will look like and a detailed plan to send to family. This is a fantastic resource for first time mothers or mothers transitioning to having a second child. 

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